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IFC in the Community

IFC understands that a healthy economy results from a healthy community and that helping the community benefits everyone. Therefore, IFC makes the following commitments:

  • IFC is committed to investing in the future of the communities in which we all live and work.
  • IFC is committed to the long-term health of our planet.
  • IFC is committed to the social and economic well-being of communities throughout the world.
  • IFC is committed to effecting change in our communities - to transforming peoples' lives through collective effort and inspiring a spirit of good corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

The key focus of our commitment is to offer our partners and investors opportunities to give back to their communities and help build a more rewarding relationship with those communities. Through projects that include clean drinking water initiatives, feeding the hungry and building homes for low-income families, IFC’s partners and investors can work together to bring new possibilities to underprivileged people.

IFC supports a number of important educational, environmental and social initiatives. We encourage our partners and investors to participate in these initiatives through funding and volunteer projects.

IFC channels all of its community support and charitable giving through The Didier Rault Foundation.

Didier Rault Foundation
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