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IFC’s Financial Advisory Services are an essential part of our business. Our experience, expertise and insight give us a significant advantage in dealing with clients’ needs and helping them realize their financial objectives. In corporate mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and reorganization, and investment consulting, our partners have the knowledge to maximize value and achieve both short-term and long-term strategic goals for all of our clients and investors.

We believe our unique position as both an advisor and investor in many different regions and industries in the world provides several important advantages. We understand the concerns and needs of parties on both sides of a transaction, as well as of both financiers and investors, so we are better able to anticipate issues and problems that they may have during the course of any particular transaction. We have well-established and independent relationships with many of the most active players in a number of different industries and regions, and we are able to use these contacts to identify investment opportunities on a timely basis.

We provide advisory services to a select group of private, successfully managed businesses. We put our clients' interests before our own and ensure that all services are rendered free of any and all conflict of interest.


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