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Investor FAQ's

  • What kind of services does IFC provide?
    IFC’s investment team can help clients achieve their goals by arranging investment or by identifying the most suitable corporate private equity fund, real estate investment fund, or other appropriate capital instrument. IFC also provides various financial advisory services such as project and corporate finance, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, cooperative partnering and public offerings, and restructuring and reorganization.
  • Why should I choose IFC?
    IFC is a global investment partner. We have a professional team that has the experience, knowledge and expertise to help our clients find the investment that they’re looking for, wherever that may be. Our team makes things happen.
  • Who are some of IFC’s clients?
    The privacy of our clients is one of our top concerns, so all transactions are done in a professional, confidential manner.
  • What stock exchange does International Finance Capital trade on and what is its ticker symbol?
    International Finance Capital (IFC) is a privately held company and as such, is not listed on any stock exchange.
  • How can I obtain information about IFC’s latest financial results?
    As a privately held firm, IFC does not release its financial results to the public.
  • When does IFC’s fiscal year end?
    Our fiscal year ends on December 31st.
  • Where can I learn more about IFC?
    Our corporate website is at Or send your name, company name, contact information and the nature of your enquiry to:


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